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About Tacnik

About Us

Tacnik, inspired from the Hindi word तकनीक, roughly translates to "the art of execution of an artistic work or a scientific procedure in a skilful and efficient manner."

With technology at its core, Tacnik is driven by innovation. Using a wide range of technologies and even blending them together, we have created novel solutions for engagement, brand activations, conferences, education, training & communication.

5 years since our inception, we have developed over 150 world-class solutions for our clients across the industrial spectrum ranging from pharma, defence, education, fashion, sports, government bodies, museums, event management companies and many more.

Our Values

  • Entrepreneurship - We seek opportunities - they are everywhere.
  • Teamwork & Relationships - Going beyond the individual, encouraging boundary-less behaviour.
  • Promise to Deliver - We value a deep sense of responsibility & self discipline to meet and surpass the commitments made.
  • Customer Commitment - We value client relationships and are willing to go the extra mile to make them happy.
  • Learning & Development - We cherish a life long commitment to deepen our self awareness, explore, experiment & improve our potential.
  • Move Fast - Fast is better than slow! We believe in converting ideas into reality, quickly.
  • Humility & Respect - We value intellectual modesty & detest false pride and arrogance. Treat others with dignity & honour.

The Team

Mayank Banka
Mayank Banka
Business Head
When Mayank is not talking to clients or writing mails, he likes to write poetry and kick some ass in FIFA.
Purnank Prakash
Purnank Prakash
Technology Head
Purnank is the life of any party. You can talk about anything under the sky and he'll have his own insights to share.
Skandha Gopalan
Skandha Gopalan
Marketing Head
Skandha gets his daily dose of motivation from meditation and music. Give him a guitar and he'll sway your girlfriend away.
Jeevan Ram
Jeevan Ram
Operations Head
Jeevan is the calm in calmness. He is also believed to be extremely lucky for those around him.

Our Story

Every company, big or small, needs to communicate with its audience almost on a daily basis. Internally, this could mean training of employees, team building activities or impactful presentations by leaders in conferences. Externally, it is all about leaving a lasting impression on the consumers to boost sales and create a strong brand value. We observed that the dearth of solutions utilizing the latest technologies lead multinational companies to still follow conventional and archaic means to entertain, educate or train their customers and employees. We determined this was a major problem that needed to be addressed.

At Tacnik, we empower brands to bridge this gap of communication by engaging their users with immersive revolutionary technologies. We take pride in the fact that we work with different technologies at once and amalgamate them together to provide unique solutions for every customer out there.

Solving user problems in distinctive manners is what we thrive for. The idea is simple - to enable brands communicate their messages effectively and empower users through exciting experiences. Hence, that’s our motto - “Experience Technology”.


  • 2018

    20 Most Promising VR Solutions Provider

    Tacnik was recognised and awarded by Silicon India Magazine as one of the most promising startups providing innovative solutions to organizations using Virtual Reality

  • 2020

    10 Best Startups in AR/VR

    Tacnik's work in the Augmented reality and Virtual reality space was once again recognised by Silicon India Magazine who awarded us as one of the 10 Best startups in the AR/VR sector.

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