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Augmented Reality Game Catcher


Gotta catch em all! Branded or predetermined objects are falling from the top of the screen. The user has to stand before the screen and catch objects falling from the top of the screen in an augmented basket in his hand. A fun, time recorded activity where the user is scored at the end of the task basis the number of objects he is able to catch.

The objects that appear on screen along with the complete gameplay can be customised to fit any event, theme and client you may have. This AR game is perfect for corporate events, brand activations, product launches, experience zones and experiential marketing campaigns.

Augmented Reality | Sensor Tracking
PC | Kinect | Real Sense

Product Features

Augmented Reality Catcher Game

Application Flow

Users stand in front of the motion sensor and can see themselves in the screen in front of them. A basket gets augmented on to the hands of the user. Once the user is ready, the timer begins and the user has to use his basket/bowl to catch as many falling objects as possible within the given time while avoiding the undesirable objects.

Branding & Customization

  • Branding: Place your brands logos, products, creatives and custom messages within the game content

  • Theming: Change the landscapes to match your theme such as Arcade arena, Futuristic fields, Space etc.

  • Customization: Change the blocks, katanas and the entire gameplay to your choosing! Your wish is our command!

Tacnik AR Catcher Game Experience


Augmented Reality Catcher Game customized for Tata Sampann Product Launch

Tacnik AR Catcher Game Experience
Tacnik AR Catcher Game Experience
Tacnik AR Catcher Game Experience
Tacnik AR Catcher Game Experience
Tacnik AR Catcher Game Experience

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