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Tacnik AR Live Experience


Through this amazing technology watch the world around you come alive. Get transported to a different city, a different time era or surrounded by animals, the choice is yours to make. As the user walks in to the designated spot and glances at the screen, he sees himself in an augmented world built around him.

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Product Features

Tacnik AR Live Experience

Application Flow

Users stand at designated spots on the floor. When the user is ready, augmented objects come to life around them, such as astronauts, cricketers, animals etc. and users get to interact with them. They can view these augmented objects on the screen in front of them.

Branding & Customization

  • Branding: Place your brands logos, creatives and custom messages within the application content.

  • Theming: Change the Application UI and UX to match your concepts theme.

  • Customization: Integrate celebrities, personalities, products etc. to engage the audience. Your wish is our command!

Tacnik AR Live Experience


Teleporting users to various locations using AR at Advantage Assam

Tacnik AR Live Experience
Tacnik AR Live Experience
Tacnik AR Live Experience
Tacnik AR Live Experience
Tacnik AR Live Experience

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