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Augmented Reality Paper Vision


Bring paper to life with AR Paper vision, our custom Augmented Reality application. Tacnik provides organizations a unique solution using which they can share information which exists on paper, in an interactive and engaging format. The content designed can range from a simple video to a full blown 3D rendered product that is interactive to the users touch. Users can then play around with the product, learn from various content overlays and even run an assessment module using AR. Best part: We can do all of this without the need for human intervention.

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Product Features

Augmented Reality Paper Vision

Application Flow

Users download the respective apps, based on their mobile operationg system, on to their phones. They need to have the target image/object/catalog/brochure etc. that needs to be scanned to trigger the respective content. They point the app towards the marker object and the corresponding content starts playing.

Branding & Customization

  • Branding: Place your brands logos, creatives and custom messages within the application content.

  • Theming: Change the Application UI and UX to match your concepts theme.

  • Customization: Integrate products, media & unlimited engagement into the app. Your wish is our command!

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