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Digi Run Game Development by Tacnik


Here’s a fun engagement activity that brings out the active side in your audience. A multi-player motion-based game where the participants stand on platforms and run on-spot in order to win. The sensors read the number of steps taken by an individual and scores them accordingly. The screen may have a battery, a distance meter or a full-fledged game of car racing. If a person has more rapid movement, the battery fills faster or the car moves faster on the screen. The user experience on the screen can be completely customised and branded as per the requirement.

The Digi run platforms & gameplay can be customised to fit any event, theme and brand you may have. The activity is perfect for corporate events, brand activations, product launches, experience zones and experiential marketing campaigns.

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Product Features

Digi Run Game Development by Tacnik

Application Flow

The setup generally consists of 2-4 platforms. Users stand on their respective platforms. When the users are ready, the timer begins & they begin running-on-the-spot as fast as possible. Within the given time, the user who reaches the target quickest wins. If no one has crossed the finish line, then the user who has reached the farthest wins.

Branding & Customization

  • Branding: Place your brand's logos, products & custom messages within the game & on the cycle.

  • Theming: Change UI & UX to match your any theme such as Futuristic fields, Space etc.

  • Customization: Change the games mission, edit the gameplay or build a new concept! Your wish is our command!

Digi Run Game Development by Tacnik


Product launch of Nature Valleys new energy bar during Tata Marathon 2019

Digi Run Game Development by Tacnik
Digi Run Game Development by Tacnik
Digi Run Game Development by Tacnik

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