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Tacnik GIF Booth


A photo booth that helps you explore and show off the fun side of you. The user has to step into the booth and is given props to pose with. Our camera will capture all the cool and funny poses and the end result is created into a GIF.

The setup and props can be customised as per the event and branding can be done on the final GIFs. For instance, at one of our events, we made around 15 tubelights to flicker in the backdrop behind the users. The flickering effect added five stars to the entire concept. We can also add a green screen behind the users to make GIFs with different fun backgrounds.

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Product Features

Tacnik Augmented Reality GIF Photobooth

Application Flow

Users stand in front of a camera. They then proceed to choose from a variety of pre-defined backdrops that are provided with the application. Once the backdrop is selected, they perform different poses for the GIF. The GIF is recorded and they then choose between emailing it to themsleves or sharing it on social media.

Branding & Customization

  • Branding: Place your brands logos, creatives and custom messages within the application content.

  • Theming: Change the backdrop theme to match the event theme using AR!

  • Customization: Change the output format to a flip book, add custom filters, change app UX to match event theme and more.

Tacnik GIF Booth


Is it a video? Is it an image? No.. it's a GIF BOOTH!
A custom tubelight flickering add-on with the gif booth setup.

Tacnik GIF Booth
Tacnik GIF Booth
Tacnik GIF Booth
Tacnik GIF Booth
Tacnik GIF Booth
Tacnik GIF Booth
Tacnik GIF Booth

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