Ashirvad Pipes by Aliaxis

Virtual Reality Training App Development

The Story

One of the most challenging aspect of a manufacturing company is to ensure workplace safety of the plant workers. Companies invest millions of dollars each year to train the workers about the machines, equipment handling and safety precautions to be taken. However, most of the training is theoretical and retention of knowledge is low among the employees.

Our responsibility was to train the plant workers in a way that is quick, efficient and rentention of knowledge is high. Hence came Virtual Reality. We created a multilingual Oculus Go based VR 360 training module by capturing entire facility along with animations that focused on operations and functionalities of important machines. The application included interactive quizes at various points that would test the users and provided valuable feedback to the users and their managers.

The module helped bring down the training costs and time considerably and was widely accepted by the plant workers.

Project Details

Ashirvad by Aliaxis
Sri Lanka
VR Interactive Experience

Technology & Tools

  • Oculus Go
  • VR 360 Shoot
  • Unity platform

“The training module developed was very well received by the audience Even our foreign delegates were impressed with the work done and look forward to further collaborations with Tacnik.

Akhilesh, Client liaison, Ashirvad Pipes

Virtual Reality Training module for Ashirvad Pipes which includes a 360 Video showcasing training process followed by an interactive assessment module.

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