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The Story

Barclays opened its new campus in Kharadi, Pune, the largest single location outside of its global headquarters in London. Spread across approximately 1.1 million square feet of building area, the Pune campus will house 9,000 of the Barclays’ 19,000 permanent employees based in India.

Before it's inauguration, the challenge was to get the employees excited about the campus which will be equipped with the latest technology, state-of-the-art working spaces and recreational, wellness and collaborative aspects. But as they say, the best solutions are simple but effective. It was decided, we will take the employees on a virtual roller coaster journey around the campus which will allow them to experience everything they should be looking forward to in the new campus.

Given that Virtual Reality Walkthrough implemented with the concept of a Roller coaster is an easy to use application with no skills required to operate, the project was a success with hundreds of Barclays' employees queueing up to see to what their new work place was going to be like.

Project Details

VR Walkthrough


  • Virtual Reality
  • HTC Vive
  • Unity
  • Walkthrough Game Design

We got a chance to work with Tacnik on this very important & complicated project. We needed a tech company that possessed a deep understanding of the technology, had perseverance and immense creativity. Tacnik perfectly matched that expectation. Working with the Tacnik team made us realise how brilliant they are at transforming our ideas into great online experience. We hope to work with them on further projects in the future.

Vibhuti Happa, Product Manager, Barclays Liaison

Virtual Reality walkthrough of Barclays new campus, showing the different floors and their interiors, and that all on a roller coaster ride. Visiting an ofice was never this fun!

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