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RFID Registrations & War of DJs

The Story

Godfrey Philips India strongly beleives in keeping their emplpoyees motivated and rewarding the top performers. To honor the recent acheivers, the management had organised "GPI Sales Conference 2019" in Bali, Indonesia in the month of March. Around 500 sales employees were a part of this 3 day event.

The case presented to us was to make the check-in process quick & seamless for the guests who would arrive in batches from various locations across India. Once we received the guest list, we created personalised RFID wrist bands for all the guests with their names on the band and their IDs in the system. The bands were sent to them along with invites.

On the first day of the event, the guests came in batches of 50. We had setup four 5 kiosks for a quick check-in. Guests would scan their bands on the scanner and a personalised welcome message would display on the screen with the names of the guests and their ID cards for the event would be dispensed from a PVC printer. The entire process took less than 15 seconds for each guest.

Now, on the last night of the conference, the management had organised a gala dinner party and a War of DJs. The ideas was the guests would rate the DJs whom they like the most during their performances. By using the same RFID bands the guests were wearing, we setup a kiosk where they could seamlessly vote for the DJ of their choice. The score for each DJ was displayed on the LED wall behind them and encouraged them to give their best. The entire project received much appreciation from the organising committee for its execution.

Project Details

Godfrey Philips India
Bali, Indonesia
RFID based check-in


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Tacnik developed a seamless registration solution for our Annual conference meet at Bali. Over 1000 participants used this unmanned system without a hassle, while receiving a personalised welcome. The RFID solution designed for the DJ wars was definitely a splendid concept executed to perfection by the Tacnik team. Loved working with them & looking forward for more.

Kumar Bhargava, Account Director, Geometry Encompass
Custom app development and RFID registration for GPI

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