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The Story

IDP Education is an Australian Securities Exchange listed company & a global leader in international education services with 120+ offices in over 30 countries. IDP Education strongly beleives in keeping their emplpoyees motivated and rewarding the top performers. To honor the recent acheivers, the management had organised "IDP Awards Nite 2019" in Abu Dhabi in the month of November. Around 500 employees were a part of this 3 day fest.

The responsibility for Tacnik was to make the trip to Abu Dhabi seamless and a memorable one for all their employees. We decided to create a one stop solution for all their interactions on a mobile app.

An Android & iOS app was built with all the necessary information for the employees from generic facts like places to visit in Abu Dhabi, things to do, Dos & Don'ts for employees, emergency contacts and a feed for viewing all the latest posts and updates from the organisers. The applications also included personalised information relevant to each employee such as their flight information, table numbers for seating arrangements on the awards nite.

The app received a phenomenal response and was extensively used pre-trip,during trip and even post trip to share pictures and videos from the tip.

Project Details

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Tacnik is a partner that we rely on for our technology requirements. Our international fest required a unique blend of both web and mobile apps that seamlessly translate into a wonderful experience for the guests. The apps were used to help the participants register, show their travel details, itinerary, assist them to find their way around a new city & more. The Tacnik team did a fantastic job as usual with a timely delivery, beautiful UI/UX design and smooth app. Highly recommend them for app development.

Sanjib Barman, Associate Director - Marketing Operations, IDP Education
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