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The Story

IDP Education is an Australian Securities Exchange listed company & a global leader in international education services with 120+ offices in over 30 countries. IDP Education organises multiple fairs in India and internationally for students who aspire to study abroad in countries like Australia, US, Canada, The UK & New Zealand. The fairs are an opportunity for the studens to know more about their dream universities, check their eligibility and selection process.

While thousands of students come to attend the fairs, the most common challenges the organisers face are:

  • Creating an excitement among the students about the life in these universities

  • Ability to instantly answer queries of each of these students regarding the courses, eligibility, fees etc.

To solve the above mentioned challenges we presented the organisers and students with two distinctive solutions.

  • A Virtual Reality 360 university tour that would enable the students to view the campuses of more than 50 universities across countries.

  • A live Chatbot Application where the students could ask questions about the universities and counselors, who may be seated at a remote location, would answer them instantly. The questions once answered were displayed on a huge LED wall for other students to take refernce as well.

The two applications combined increased student interaction multifolds while at the same time reducing the burden on on-site counsellors. Both applications have since been an integral part of all their fairs across India and neighbouring countries.

Project Details

IDP Education
India, Nepal & Bangladesh
Virtual Reality College Tour & Live Chat Application


  • 360 Video Shoot
  • Virtual Reality
  • Web Development
  • AI Powered Chatbot

We worked with Tacnik to a develop a VR 360 University Tour and a smart Chatbot application. I am pleased to state that the event saw a participation of over 1000 people. The products were very well received by the audience and helped applicants better understand what we offer using experiential technology. The Tacnik team was extremely resourceful and we highly recommend them for future tech projects as well.

Sanjib Barman, Associate Director - Marketing Operations, IDP Education
Virtual Reality app development and chatbot development by Tacnik for IDP

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