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NABARD, Lucknow

The Story

The learning lab as an innovative instrument for facilitating experiential learning will contribute to the sustainable competence development of the target group of the Centre for Climate Change at BIRD, Lucnkow on the topics of climate change and climate finance.

The lab can be used for self-paced learning as well as for training activities. Learners will be invited to gain insights and strengthen their competencies in climate change and climate financing in the following seven competence fields:

  • Awareness of climate change
  • Impacts of climate change
  • Own contribution to climate change
  • Acknowledgement of the complexity in the field of climate change
  • Climate finance instruments
  • Projects for climate finance
  • Attitude towards climate change

Keeping the above points in mind, our team began designing and curating solutions that would not only create awareness about the problems of climate change but would also prompt the audience to be a part of the solution. The first two modules viz. Virtual Reality and Green House Gas Simulator allowed users to experience the impacts of climate change such as landslides, glaciers melting, rising water levels etc. A Ball Circuit module was created that made users understand the difference between a complex and a complicated problem by trying to lead a ball from point A to point B. The objective of the next two modules namely, Wheel of Climate Change and Table-top Puzzle Game was to make people discover the various climate finance tools and their specifities along with allowing them to recreate a climate finance project by putting together pieces that will each have a specific form (nature of finance tool) and also feature a specific pictogram (financing organism/ insitution).

The project was completed and deployed in mid March 2020. The visitors included bankers, government officials, NGO Staff, CSO Staff, FPO members among others. All the modules received an overwhelming response from the authorities of GIZ, NABARD and visitors alike. The entire project was an eye-opener and we surely have learned a lot, not only as a company but also as individuals. At Tacnik, we feel immensely proud to be a part of such a nobel and important cause.

Project Details

Learning Lab on climate change to facilitate experiential learning


  • Virtual Reality
  • IoT
  • RFID
  • 3D Printing
  • Thermal Sensors
  • Projection Mapping
  • VFX
Virtual Reality and Interactive technology setup by Tacnik for GIZ BIRD NABARD

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