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The Story

The Government Museum is a museum of human history and culture. Started in 1851, it is the second oldest museum in India and the tenth oldest Museum in the World. It is particularly rich in archaeological and numismatic collections.

"Museums have five important roles", says Kavitha Ramu, IAS Office, Director of Musuem, "namely - collection of artifacts, conservation or the effort to preserve them, correlation of the object to the relevant aspect of history, curation of the story around the object and communication of the story to the public."

The museum's requirement, under Tamil Nadu Innovation Initiative (TANII), was to provide a engaging technological experience to the visitors of the Museum. The project required the below technologies to be implemented:

  1. Virtual Reality
  2. Touch Technology
  3. Interactive Floor

Utilizing Virtual Reality, the aim was to bring to life the various ancient artifacts at the museum and give it life in an immersive environment. Users were teleported to another environment where they could see the artifacts up close, learn their significance using audio-visual prompts along with being able to interact with the artifacts using the Virtual Reality controller. The VR solution was designed with a focus on innovation fused into an intuitive experience. For example, while viewing the musical instruments section of the Anthropology gallery, when users select the various instrument, they were taught the music that emerges from each of those to help them better understand why preserving them is essential. The Virtual Reality solution was developed and deployed at Numismatics, Anthropology & the Bronze Gallery.

Interactive touch solutions were designed to provide an informative experience, using a touch interface, that users could interact with. Users were provided various types of graphical information such as 3D models of the artifacts, their history, and significance. Users could rotate the object & learn about them using just their fingers. Elegant touch kiosks were designed with the application deployed in it. The Interactive Touch solution was developed at Numismatics & Philately, Anthropology, Bronze gallery & the Children's museum.

The interactive floor projection system was designed to engage the little ones that visit the museum. With a focus on blending learning with enjoyment, the kids were treated to a variety of games, such as pop the bubbles, count the numbers, aquarium experience and many more. This solution was deployed at the Children's Museum.

Project Details

Government of Tamil Nadu
Digitisation of museum


  • Virtual Reality
  • Gesture
  • Multi-Touch
  • 3D Modelling
  • Image Processing
  • Visual Effects

“It was a great experience working with Tacnik The young energetic team came up innovative ideas to present the artefacts to the audience using VR and touch interface The response has been excellent and are currently focusing on the next set of projects"

Sekar, Assistant Director of Museums, Chennai Museum

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