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Tacnik VR Racing Simulator


Love cars? Bitten by the race bug? Tacnik’s racing simulator experience puts you in the driving seat of the world’s most luxurious, fastest and futuristic cars! Get into the driver’s seat and race against your opponents across beautiful tracks around the world. Users place themselves in racing car seat with sports car steering wheel and driver pedals to provide a realistic experience. Race in the F1, Nascar, Le mans and other races from the racing universe to satiate your need for speed!

This VR game is perfect for corporate events, brand activations, product launches, experience zones and experiential marketing campaigns.

Virtual Reality | Sensor Tracking | Racing Simulator
HTC Vive | Oculus Rift | Sony PlayStation

Product Features

Tacnik VR Racing Simulator

Application Flow

Users wear the VR headset and position their headsets for clear visibility and comfort. They are then provided with racing steering wheels and pedals for acceleration, brake and clutch. Once the user is ready, the game begins and the users race their cars through the track they are on.

Branding & Customization

  • Branding: Place your brands logos, products, creatives and custom messages within the game content

  • Theming: Change the landscapes to match your theme such as Futuristic cities, mountains, planets etc.

  • Customization: Ride a car that you have launched, let the driver pick up points/boosters on track and much more!

Tacnik VR Racing Simulator


Immersive racing simulator for Reliance family day

Tacnik VR Racing Simulator
Tacnik VR Racing Simulator
Tacnik VR Racing Simulator
Tacnik VR Racing Simulator

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